Turning design into code since 1999

I am a programmer who has worked on internet projects for 14 years. The development of web front-ends (HTML, JavaScript, style sheets) and the back-ends driving them (PHP, CMS, databases) is my forte. I create adapted solutions for pixel-accurate layouts – by hand.

The right formation

I am a web developer and therefore usually work with a screen designer on a project. If a team has not yet been set up, a suitable partner can be suggested from the Phalanx network on request.

The following table shows who handles which tasks and which areas are covered by my company.

Areas covered by Phalanx GmbH

Drawings & paintings
Poster and other print layouts
Website layouts
"User experience" designs
Logos and branding
HTML templates and CSS
Search engine optimization (SEO)
PHP and JavaScript
Custom scripts & apps
Client or partner network
Phalanx GmbH

My work begins with the briefing and a Photoshop template. Ideally, I provide technical feedback as early as the conception or design phase.

No technical mumbo-jumbo™

My customers like the fact that I can talk to them without using technical jargon. If we do have to venture briefly into the IT jungle, no one has to get out of the Jeep. Twitter is the place where I allow my inner nerd to run free.


I communicate directly and speak honestly if something is not a good idea or can be implemented easier or cheaper a different way.

New paths, established solutions

I have been programming ever since the days of the Commodore 64. 10 GOTOs ago. Technologically I prefer the state-of-the-art, but the wheel does not have to be reinvented every time. Established standards facilitate compatibility and increase the lifetime of projects.

I am also very happy to implement alternative requests that have never been seen before.

Plan C

Moreover, the project provides enough sustenance for me, I don't have to milk anyone and there are no unexpected additional costs or licence fees. The source code is always included. As is my client's satisfaction.

since 1999